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Welcome to Cable Users Australia,

After the success of Adslusers, we have setup this site for customers and perspective cable Internet users.

If you visit a cable providers website, you read about impressive download speeds, amazing helpdesk staff and an overall "cable is the only way to surf the net" feel. Well, maybe this is true but let's dig deeper.

The comments on this website are real customers and are connected to one of the providers below.

Bigpond Cable

OptusNet Cable

Neighborhood Cable

iiNet Cable 

Broadband Links

- Ausforum

- Whirlpool

- Ozcableguy

- Speedguide

- Greystorm: Guide to ADSL

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CABLE USERS AUSTRALIA is intended as a resource for people looking for a cable Internet service provider. CABLE USERS AUSTRALIA is a directory of cable ISP's and is provided for information purposes only. We do not endorse any Provider on CABLE USERS AUSTRALIA, and you should verify the Provider reputation and services prior to contracting with any Provider. This website is maintained by Higher Ranking